Tibollo & Associates Professional Corporation has become the preferred choice for hundreds of corporations, family businesses, and individuals seeking professional legal advice.

Why Choose Us.

Our clients enjoy our straight-forward caring approach as much as they appreciate our expert legal advice. We have a fully staffed new office in Vaughan with convenient parking facilities to serve you.

Our lawyers and support staff seek to provide efficient and timely services to our clients in their first language thereby taking the mystery out of the constantly evolving legal obligations they face. We are able to advise those who may require assistance in English, French, and Italian.

Our Clients.

We have attracted a loyal clientele both locally and internationally by providing the highest quality of ethical, legal services, earning clients’ trust and meeting and striving to exceed their needs at reasonable rates.

Our firm has working and referral relationships with many other law firms across Canada, the United States, and other countries. In this way, we are able to refer you to professional legal services whether your business is in or out of town, and we can provide you with specific information about international laws applicable to your business.

Here and Abroad.

If you are seeking to expand your business by opening a subsidiary or looking to expand the market for your products, we can assist you by providing insight into the markets of Europe, Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean including Cuba.

Tibollo & Associates Professional Corporation, caring for our clients for over 25 years.